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Salah Funfair 2017

Health Camp 2016

Health Camp 2015

Heritage Lifebuoy Foundation Projects in brief

One of Heritage Lifebuoy Foundation projects is the hosting of A TWO DAY HEALTH CAMP in partnership with VIANO Nigeria Telemedicine Centre, Narayana Health and The Guardian Newspaper that took place between 31st Oct - 1st Nov 2015. Participants with Cancer and Kidney Diseases challenges were opportuned free tests by Indian Specialists in Cancer Diseases(Oncology) and Kidney Diseases(Nephrology).
The two day health camp was proudly sponsored by : Heritage Lifebuoy Foundation, VIANO Nigeria Telemedicine Centre, Narayana Health and The Guardian Newspaper. Enclosed are photographs of the event.


MDG Partnership Project

”There is yawning gap between MDG needs and spending realities in poor countries, and that micro economic policies enforced by the IMF, block poor countries from being able to spend more on education, health and economic development …….”

For the MGDs to be met the world must start to change course now and adapt at local, national and international levels, alternative economic policies that allow much bigger, long term, public investment in health, education and development-ACTION AID.

To meet the goals in 2015, there is need to implement policies that will promote transparency and accountability as the first priority, as this would assist with overcoming institutional constraint in order to promote pro-poor growth that would bring structural change in our economic indices and enhance distributive equity. Also engendering social cultural reorientation which will in no small way engineer political transformation and promote human development – especially inclusive urban development that generate employment for many citizens.

It is expedient to look beyond 2015 and MDGS to formulate an alternative development strategy which accelerates transformation agenda

From the fore goings, spurred by our altruistic zeal emanating from the promoters family ethnical values (Oriki)…….”Omo ladugba tu aba osi kuro nilu le le ti oloro si…..; which also run in synergy with that of Kudaki/Akeja family, our host community, that the heritage lifebuoy Foundation, is setting up the COMMUNITY RESOURCES HUB a SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE IN ONESTOP, ALLSOLUTION SPOT place in Agodo-Egbe, Lagos, as payback to society in the under poorly enhanced fast growing community………

The facility is to holistically address human challenges as fountain of hope, refuge of desire, to immediate neighborhood for better living.

Scalar Display Project

Get healed remotely by Scalar Energy. Say goodbye to disease, infections & health problems, & experience true health, vitality and lightness of being.

Mr Adeniyi Adejare
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